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Automated RCM Solutions


YWS is proud to offer an Automated Revenue Cycle Management Service to the Healthcare community. Our RCM offering was formed out of a history of Medical Billing excellence and a long term vision for Medical Billing necessary for the future of Healthcare especially in the Diagnostic Testing industry. We saw the opportunity for huge improvements technologically to the workflow of Revenue Cycle Management and have put together one of the best solutions available today without skipping on personal touch, customer service and extreme attention to detail when dealing with your organizations financial livelihood. The YWS team has assisted in collection of over $100 million+ dollars for providers across the nation.

YWS Automated RCM & Medical Billing is just one division of Yeah Way Solutions, LLC  where we are set to pave the way for a better future in healthcare. YWS and it's partners stand for professional excellence, compliance, transparency, innovation & the progression of computer technology in HealthCare.

YWS Automated RCM PaaS
YWS automated RCM & Medical Billing provides only the best, most effective and customized range of solutions available to providers looking for Revenue Cycle Management. Our custom tailored and systematic approach to set up, execution, optimization, tracking and analytics ensure improvement to a point of consistent results, transforming dysfunction into well-oiled functionality. Our team is built for agility and speed with pin point accuracy while retaining the ability to scale effortlessly so that can we're able to accommodate any needs. We pride ourselves on full transparency, integrity and compliance. Experience Medical Billing on the cutting edge of innovation and put your organization at the front of the technological changes happening today. We stand by our views that there is no better when it comes to RCM in the Lab business. The future of RCM and Medical Billing is happening here.



Reduced Billing Errors: Outsourcing decreases the number of rejected claims and denials and with an outsourced team of experts in your court you can focus on what matters most. Our team is up-to-date on HIPAA regulations and ICD-10 billing and coding requirements versus in-house employees who may not have time to attend seminars or keep up with government standards. Incomplete data leads to A/R increases which can be costly to your business. In-House billing departments often get tied up assisting busy healthcare organizations with patient interaction or day to day business activities.



YWS utilizes the latest and most cost effective healthcare technology solutions. Information technology has changed healthcare- Our team of IT professionals are dedicated to remaining at the forefront of technology in healthcare and guarantee an effortless integration between healthcare systems in a reasonable and effective manner. Let us show you how far the right set-up can take you and join us in perfecting Revenue Cycle Management, part of our vision at YWS. We take the necessary measures to ensure the longevity and financial security of our Clients. Guaranteed.


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