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YWS has worked with numerous laboratories and providers, continuously growing and returning value to our clients. YWS operates on the principles of efficiency, transparency and ethical business practices.  Most recently YWS has released it's automated Revenue Cycle Management product along with a dedicated sales portal inclusive to Clientele of YWS at no additional cost. Available to potential Clientele, contact YWS for sales portal pricing. With all the challenges in the Medical Billing industry and the increasingly complicated intricacies of the industry coupled with human error, we knew that we could increase revenue, save money and time, increase accuracy and deliver an even higher level of personal service.

Our Features and Benefits


YWS will manage reports and relationships so you don’t have to! Let us negotiate on your behalf with our expertise and knowledge.


YWS will bring the relationships to you! Every situation is different but we deliver the extra value that allows for tremendous growth and added revenue in addition to our clinical operations insights. Our knowledge can improve return or even improve rates for representatives.


Access to your info, real time. No exceptions. Educating Clients on what they don't fully understand is part of what makes us the best at what we do.

Unique Opportunities for Sales Representatives

YWS: The Experts in Clinical Laboratory Management

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